Welcome to Preeriakoda Tipi Village 

My name is Marko Aleksejev - a lone wolf from Estonia. I am a former Olympics athlete (Athens 2004 high jump) and several times Estonian champion in high jump (PB 2.28). In 2003 I graduated from university with a degree in science of law. But more than human laws I have always wanted to discover the laws of Nature.

Since 2005 I have been creating a tipi village PREERIAKODA all alone. I am sewing tipis, looking for tipi poles from the forest, peeling them, and erecting up to 8m tipis in diameter alone. It is just because I have been fascinated by Siberian, Mongolian, Native American, and ancient Finno-Ugric nomad lifestyles for a couple of decades. I am a hunter also. It is since my childhood that I started to go hunting hikes together with my father. And for sure it is not because of adrenaline but mostly because I want to learn and know more about the secrets of nature. Observing is much more important than hunting. Also, it gives me the opportunity to belong to one very tribelike community.

I love to make and use simple snowshoes on my own and to go tracking mammals. And I am offering simple snowshoe workshops for You as well. I have been deeply interested in nomadic people's spiritual and material heritage - herbs, hunting, tracking, scouting, rituals, tribal life, stories, and beliefs. Altogether - mental and physical aspects of bushcraft and survival. 
In 2009 I started my small business which includes tipi village camping and activities, bog hikes, canoe tours, mammal tracking tours, snowshoe workshops, survival, and hiking topics. I also built two escape forests for 1-hour escaping missions. And for the last two years, I have been creating a 1,5km long hiking trail for people who want to learn and train their bushcraft and survival skills. In 2021, after two years of studies at Haapsalu Vocational Education and Training Centre, I added to my many year's natural studies also official nature guide title.

I like storytelling by pictures but even more about sharing stories with nature lovers right in the wilderness.

Sometimes I may be slow in e-mailing and information sharing but I always making my very best to take care of my guests on-site. 

At the Preeriakoda camping site, you can camp with your mate, your family, or with friends up to 20 people. I am providing rustic Native American style tipis for staying overnight around a cozy fire. You can cook in the open air over a fire pit. Preeriakoda campsite provides grills, pans, and pots - so you don´t have to carry yours.

Let me guide You on spring or autumn canoe trips thru the wilderness including the Tipi picnic. Or bogshoe hikes from June to April. Forest hikes and introducing a native lifestyle together with bushcraft and survival skills year around. I have managed groups of up to 40 people but the best group in nature is always the small band.

I bring you to hike in forest and bog where you´ll discover Estonian richness - beautiful nature, legends, heritage, and stories written in the landscape and into the tracks of wild animals... 

Preeriakoda - WILD@EST

Mob: +372 52 16 105

Bushcraft and survival trail

Escape forest